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Client Comments

"HighPoint engaged Eric as an executive coach for several of our leaders.  What I appreciated most about Eric’s approach is that he took the time to understand each person he worked with and how they fit in our corporate culture.  We were able to see almost immediate enhancements to our leaders’ interactions and effectiveness as a result of his work with them.  Eric was also able to do some “before and after” comparisons that added objective data to our observations." 

                                                                  Doug Taylor - Vice President, Operations, HighPoint Global, USA

"As a leader it is important to find time to reflect—what is getting in your way of being successful, how to you tackle your next obstacle, are you happy, etc.  Even better than the gift of time is the opportunity to share that time with Eric who is amazing at helping you to unlock the answers within yourself.  Just like athletes need coaches, so do leaders!


                                                                   Wendy Sherry - President, Cigna Connecticut and Payor Solutions

"I worked alongside Eric as I was preparing myself to move-up from a mid-level to a senior-management position. Eric's adept understanding of my circumstances, caring engagement as a thought partner, and guidance in setting clearly defined goals all helped me progress far beyond what I could've accomplished alone in my leadership development."  


                                                                    J. C. - AlphaSights, Tokyo, Japan

"Executive coaching sessions with Eric greatly helped me identify my character and leadership style.

He carefully listened and payed deep attention in order to better identify areas for improvement. Eric helped me to have larger vision for my career and provided many insights to become better senior leader."  


                                                                    K.U. - Real-estate, Design and Construction Director, Multinational                                                                                          Corporation, USA


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