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Realizing your potential often requires 


Ready to leave your comfort zone?

ABOUT Eric Hicks

Executive and Team Coach

Even the best and brightest leaders need fresh thinking. The same strategies and tactics that get the smartest minds to their current level won't often get them to the next. These energized leaders call on me to help them create a larger leadership presence. I'm an Executive Coach who works with multinational Fortune 500 leaders in locations around the world.

I help thriving executives discover who they are, what they believe in, and how they can move forward to reach their personal organizational goals. These are leaders who are being watched and promoted, and have a strong desire to go from good to great.


I also help teams that want to excel, but don't know the best practices that can move them smartly and quickly.  In this way, I help teams accelerate to meet or exceed their performance goals. I help team leaders create and maintain the motivation needed to attain their desired results.

How I Can

Help You

Ready to start the climb to your next level?  Contact me to set up a free one hour initial coaching exploration session. 

Bring a challenge or problem you are working on and we'll brainstorm together. If the chemistry is right for you, we can discuss a customized coaching plan.

There is no cost or obligation to this one hour exploratory session.

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