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Scaling the Rocks

Case Study

 Lisa's Ascent to Regional President 

Lisa's Ascent

Lisa, a vice president of a Fortune 100 multinational company, had a track record of success in building her business and developing a robust leadership team.

Despite her impressive results, Lisa’s career seemed to hit a plateau. Promises of a promotion were repeatedly made, only to be deferred, leaving her aspirations in limbo for over two years. Disheartened, Lisa began to explore employment opportunities elsewhere.

It was during this period of uncertainty that Lisa embarked on a series of executive coaching sessions, with a clear objective: to expedite her career progression and elevate her leadership status within her current company. Our coaching sessions focused on three strategic areas:

  1. Networking: Lisa’s network within the company was robust, but it lacked connections with key decision-makers. We worked on expanding her network, ensuring she could influence and engage with those who had influence in her career advancement.

  2. Personal Storytelling: Being able to articulate her career journey and goals succinctly and confidently was crucial. Lisa refined her story, learning to present her achievements and aspirations in a way that resonated with company leaders.

  3. Visionary Thinking: To demonstrate her readiness for higher responsibilities, Lisa needed to confidently share her vision for the company beyond her current role. We practiced ways for her to communicate her strategic insights, showcasing her potential for broader leadership.

Through our coaching, Lisa transformed her approach. She built a more influential network, mastered her personal narrative, and began sharing her vision with conviction. Her leadership presence grew stronger, catching the attention of key figures within the company.

The outcome was a testament to her dedication and our collaborative efforts. Lisa was promoted to Regional President, a role that came with significantly more responsibility. She found renewed satisfaction in her work and abandoned any thoughts of leaving the company.

Reflecting on her journey, Lisa recognized the power of introspection and the right guidance:

"As a leader, it’s crucial to find time to reflect—on what’s hindering your success, how to overcome the next challenge, and whether you’re truly content. More valuable than the gift of time is the chance to share that time with Eric, who is amazing and who can help you discover the answers within. Just as athletes need coaches, so do leaders."

This case study encapsulates the essence of executive coaching—asking the right questions to unlock a leader’s inherent potential. Lisa’s story is a beacon for those seeking to navigate the complexities of career advancement and personal growth.


Case Study

Enhancing Leadership Competencies: Min-Ji’s Journey 

Min-Ji's Journey

Min-Ji was a rising talent in a multinational information company based in South Korea. She was fast-tracked for promotion contingent upon her development in organization-based leadership attributes.

Min-ji chose three critical areas that she and her manager felt were most important in helping prepare for higher level leadership. Based on her own self-awareness and feedback from others, Min-Ji chose to work on upward communication, executive presence, and time management. While these areas were not necessarily weaknesses, she felt that improving them would increase her effectiveness and leadership brand in the organization.

As Min-Ji’s coach, I collaborated with her on the three critical areas that significantly contributed to her promotion from director to vice-president within her firm. Let’s delve into the specifics:

  1. Upward Communication: Enhancing Quality and Cadence

    • Min-Ji recognized the importance of effective communication with her manager. She committed to improving the quality and frequency of her updates.

    • We worked together to streamline her communication style, ensuring that she provided concise, relevant information to her manager. Min-Ji learned to tailor her messages to align with her manager’s preferences

    • By consistently delivering timely and insightful updates, Min-Ji demonstrated her commitment to transparency and accountability.

  2. Executive Presence: Engaging Others and Demonstrating Values

    • Within our coaching sessions, Min-Ji came to understand that executive presence goes beyond appearance—it’s about how one engages with others and embodies organizational values.

    • We focused on her active participation in meetings. Min-Ji practiced concise articulation, active listening, and asking thought-provoking questions.

    • Min-Ji aligned her actions with the company’s core values. Whether leading a team or collaborating with peers, Min-Ji consistently demonstrated integrity, empathy, and strategic thinking.

  3. Time Management: Prioritizing High-Impact Tasks

    • Min-Ji’s days were often chaotic, with competing demands. Through our coaching discussion she revamped her approach to time management.

    • She adopted a structured planning process, allocating time for high-priority tasks first. Min-Ji learned to delegate effectively and say “no” when necessary.

    • As a result, she became more efficient, focusing on strategic initiatives that directly impacted the organization’s success.


Promotion to Vice-President Min-Ji’s dedication to changing her mindset and tangible results in these three areas caught the attention of senior leadership. She was promoted six months after beginning her coaching sessions. Her promotion was a testament to her elevated efforts and the positive impact she made. Min-Ji’s journey exemplifies the power of targeted coaching and personal development.

“Eric helped me prepare for a promotion to a senior leadership position, and I saw myself improve significantly both in my professional and personal life. We covered a wide range of leadership, stakeholder management, and confidence topics. I really appreciate him for his ability to understand regional-specific culture, navigate our company-specific environment, and guidance in helping me develop a growth mindset. I credit a lot of my fast-tracked growth to his coaching!”


from happy clients

Kind Words

Being new to the company with responsibility of managing a large, complex multisite business, executive coaching sessions with Eric greatly helped me focus, further develop my leadership style by better leveraging the team and taking care of my personal wellbeing. Eric is a great listener and supported me with additional reference materials whenever needed.

CIO, International Insurance Firm, London, UK

We engaged Eric as an executive coach for several of our leaders. What I appreciated most about Eric’s approach is that he took the time to understand each person he worked with and how they fit in our corporate culture. We were able to see almost immediate enhancements to our leaders’ interactions and effectiveness as a result of his work with them. Eric was also able to do some “before and after” comparisons that added objective data to our observations.

D.T. - Vice President, Operations, Government Services Company

As a leader it is important to find time to reflect—what is getting in your way of being successful, how to you tackle your next obstacle, are you happy, etc. Even better than the gift of time is the opportunity to share that time with Eric who is amazing at helping you to unlock the answers within yourself. Just like athletes need coaches, so do leaders!

G.S. - President, Multinational Insurance Company

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