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Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

 Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching

At the heart of organizational success lies effective leadership. Executive Coaching is a specialized form of coaching designed to empower leaders, executives, and managers to reach their full potential. Here’s how it works:

  1. Building Self-Awareness: Through reflective questions and self-inquiry, you will gain insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and unrealized potential. We help you recognize blind spots and understand your leadership traits from fresh perspectives.

  2. Assessing Growth Opportunities: We often use targeted assessments to help you identify strengths and growth areas that others see in you. Whether it’s refining communication skills, enhancing emotional intelligence, or creating broader strategic thinking, the focus is on improving areas that you choose to improve.

  3. Creating Action Plans: Together, you and your coach create tailored action plans. These plans address specific development needs, align with personal goals, and guide you toward transformational change.

  4. Measuring Achievement: Regular progress checks ensure accountability. You and your coach will track milestones, celebrate achievements, and adjust strategies as needed. The result? Strengthened leadership, better alignment with your values, and sustainable personal change.

Unlock your leadership potential with our transformative executive coaching service! Let’s embark on a journey of growth and impact!

Team Coaching

Building a High-Performance Team

 Team Coaching 

High-performance teams are not created by accident or without intentional effort. Team coaching is a collaborative process that involves working with your team to enhance their performance, productivity, and overall effectiveness. We offer an in-depth team assessment and coaching process designed to create a high-performance team.

We provide a structured approach that combines elements of coaching, facilitation, and training to support the team in achieving their desired outcomes. Within this process, we address the most critical areas of team development:

  1. Establish a Common Purpose: We help your team create alignment around a shared vision, mission, and goals. Together, we devise and implement actions, so your team stays “on course”. We build strategies to help your team members stay laser focused throughout their journey together.

  2. Create Clearly Defined Roles: High performing teams know everyone’s role and goals. We facilitate a process for teams to be fully aware of their role and responsibilities. Clearly understanding roles prevents confusion and enhances collaboration.

  3. Support Accepted Leadership: We help teams support their leadership, encouraging shared leadership when appropriate, and empowering individuals to contribute their unique strengths.

  4. Implementing Effective Processes: Team coaching emphasizes efficient workflows, decision-making processes, and problem-solving methods. We help your team learn to streamline their operations for better outcomes.

  5. Building Solid Relationships: Strong interpersonal connections are vital for team success. Together, we work to establish trust-building, conflict resolution, and positive interactions among team members.

  6. Maintaining Excellent Communication: Open and transparent communication is at the core of effective team coaching. We help guide teams in active listening, feedback exchange, and constructive dialogue.

Team coaching not only helps teams achieve their goals, but also creates the synergy that energizes a team to go far beyond just a group of people working together. They become a “high-performing” team! 

Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Insight for Leadership offers the following leadership development opportunities for you and your organization:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Personal Coaching

  • Mentor Coaching

  • Leadership Consulting, followed by targeted coaching

  • Assessment administration and debriefing

    • Hogan 360 – Personality Inventory, Development Survey, and Motives, Values,

    • Preferences Inventory

    • EQ-I Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    • Team Performance and Team Profile Assessments



How does coaching work?

Executive coaching involves one-on-one sessions between you and the coach, focusing on your goals and challenges. We use techniques like reflective questioning, feedback, and personal action planning to facilitate self-awareness and growth.

How long will it take me to see results?

The time frame for seeing results can vary widely depending on your goals and commitment. Some clients notice progress within a few sessions, while others may take more time. Typically, coaching engagements can last from 6-12 months.

How should I prepare for our coaching sessions?

To prepare, reflect on your goals, challenges, and areas you wish to develop. Be curious about your potential to change. Be open to feedback and ready to engage in deep, sometimes challenging conversations. It’s also helpful to keep a journal of insights and actions between sessions.

How does team coaching differ from executive coaching?

Team coaching focuses on improving the performance and dynamics of a team, while executive coaching is centered on the individual’s development. Team coaching involves working with the entire team to enhance alignment, collaboration, communication, and collective effectiveness. Executive coaching involves working one-on-one with a coach to examine how actions align with personal values and the desired changes that emerge.

What qualifications and experiences do you have as an executive?

We are certified by the world’s largest coaching accreditation organization, the International Coaching Federation. Additionally, we have coached hundreds of individuals from many different industries and countries.

Will our coaching sessions be confidential?

Yes, confidentiality is a cornerstone of coaching. What is discussed in coaching sessions stays between you and the coach unless the client gives permission to share specific information.

Can coaching be conducted virtually or in person?

Coaching can be conducted both virtually and in person, depending on the preferences and circumstances of the client and coach. We conduct most of our coaching sessions virtually via Zoom or Google Meet.

from happy clients

Kind Words

Being new to the company with responsibility of managing a large, complex multisite business, executive coaching sessions with Eric greatly helped me focus, further develop my leadership style by better leveraging the team and taking care of my personal wellbeing. Eric is a great listener and supported me with additional reference materials whenever needed.

CIO, International Insurance Firm, London, UK

We engaged Eric as an executive coach for several of our leaders. What I appreciated most about Eric’s approach is that he took the time to understand each person he worked with and how they fit in our corporate culture. We were able to see almost immediate enhancements to our leaders’ interactions and effectiveness as a result of his work with them. Eric was also able to do some “before and after” comparisons that added objective data to our observations.

D.T. - Vice President, Operations, Government Services Company

As a leader it is important to find time to reflect—what is getting in your way of being successful, how to you tackle your next obstacle, are you happy, etc. Even better than the gift of time is the opportunity to share that time with Eric who is amazing at helping you to unlock the answers within yourself. Just like athletes need coaches, so do leaders!

G.S. - President, Multinational Insurance Company

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